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Four of Our Most Important Projects

Thanks to the generosity of our incredible clients, we are now able to start sharing some of our most high profile project work. To learn more about the first four featured projects, click here. Precision Opinion | Get Confident

Quirks Top 20 Data Collection Companies: The Soft Sell

We previously talked about being a Quirks Top Qualitative Research Company in a prior blog. You can see that blog entry, where I attempt humor in the first sentence, and then launch into a diatribe about how great we are. You know, “the hard sell”. I’ll keep this one short. As a boutique full service […]

Quirks Top Quantitative Research Company: The Hard Sell

Precision Opinion is featured in the May/June issue of Quirks Magazine as one of the Top Qualitative Research Firms. We will be 100% transparent with you: we paid for the spot in the magazine. However, when I look at the other firms listed in Quirks, not a single one of them is even remotely close […]

How does your CATI provider stack up? Part 4

Quality in a Phone CATI center starts with the training process. Utilizing our two thirty-person training rooms, we start with a multi-day internal training process that includes live dialing on our own survey, with quality assessments and reviews. We then move to a 1–5-day project specific training program that (…)

How does your CATI provider stack up? Part 2

Average Attendance of Phone CATI Staff: Precision Opinion: 93%Your Preferred Call Center: ? Our clients count on us to deliver quality data collection — on time, on budget, and conformist to requirements. With one of the highest attendance percentages in the MR Call Center industry, you can count on Precision to be there for your […]

How does your CATI provider stack up? Part 1

Percentage of Phone CATI Staff in Call Center: Precision Opinion: 100%Your Preferred Call Center: ? Did you know that Precision Opinion is one of the only call centers in the United States that kept 100% of its interviewing staff inside our call center locations throughout the pandemic? Our work is essential, and our State Government […]