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Quirks Top Quantitative Research Company: The Hard Sell

Precision Opinion is featured in the May/June issue of Quirks Magazine as one of the Top Qualitative Research Firms. We will be 100% transparent with you: we paid for the spot in the magazine. However, when I look at the other firms listed in Quirks, not a single one of them is even remotely close […]

How does your CATI provider stack up? Part 4

Quality in a Phone CATI center starts with the training process. Utilizing our two thirty-person training rooms, we start with a multi-day internal training process that includes live dialing on our own survey, with quality assessments and reviews. We then move to a 1–5-day project specific training program that (…)

How does your CATI provider stack up? Part 2

Average Attendance of Phone CATI Staff: Precision Opinion: 93%Your Preferred Call Center: ? Our clients count on us to deliver quality data collection — on time, on budget, and conformist to requirements. With one of the highest attendance percentages in the MR Call Center industry, you can count on Precision to be there for your […]

How does your CATI provider stack up? Part 1

Percentage of Phone CATI Staff in Call Center: Precision Opinion: 100%Your Preferred Call Center: ? Did you know that Precision Opinion is one of the only call centers in the United States that kept 100% of its interviewing staff inside our call center locations throughout the pandemic? Our work is essential, and our State Government […]