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One of the Largest Domestic Market Research Data Collection firms for nearly 20 years. We would tell you that Precision Opinion is the Most Trusted Name in Research, but it’s our job to remain unbiased.

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Market Research at Scale

Size and Scope

As one of the largest Market Research Data Collection firms in the industry, we have the size and scope to be able to address your largest projects.

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Data Collection

We customize the data collection process from inception to data delivery. Need something outside of the box, that isn’t a standard request? We will work with you on specific implementation strategies that will benefit your project goals

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Quality Ensured

To ensure quality, we never outsource work, conduct intensive onboarding and project trainings, closely monitor, and manage our call center agents utilizing a 10% management ratio, and work to continually improve our staff, work product, and the industry

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Communication Every Step of the Way

We communicate with our clients early and often, to ensure our clients goals are met from start to finish. Precision doesn’t sell a pre-made package to its clients, we customize everything based on discussions with our clients about how best to achieve their goals.

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Having been the only subcontractor for nearly 20 years on the largest Federal MR Data collection project in the industry, our client list is a who’s who of the largest Social Science Research firms in the business. Over half of our research projects are in the Healthcare and Outcomes space. Additionally, we have been trusted partners for household retail brands, non-profit organizations for retirees and other societal segments, charitable foundations, Public Utilities, Financial and banking firms, and Presidential Consulting firms.

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Data Security is paramount when you have PII on your network. Precision Opinion was SOC2 Type II Certified in 2020, and we take our commitment to insuring respondent privacy very seriously. Having conducted Federal projects for nearly 20 years, we understand how critical data security is. The data we collect is owned by our clients, and is treated as such.

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We are
Precision Opinion

Precision Opinion has been one of the largest Independently owned Market Research firms for nearly 20 years. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Precision Opinion is home to the James T. Medick Center for Survey Research, a first-in-class Data Collection Center with 600 Voxco CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) enabled Interviewing Stations.

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Experience Matters

in our line of work.

Our clients choose to work with us for a number of reasons besides our sparkling personalities. Precision’s expertise, quality, bandwidth, foot speed, and client based boutique approach is what clients demand, even if they never told you that they do.

“I’ve partnered with Precision Opinion for many years on large scale CATI data collection projects, and our organization depends on their research knowledge, operational expertise, consistent quality, and data collection capacity to co-field on our largest government projects. Matt and his team always take care of our projects, and they are a valued partner to multiple departments in our organization.”

– Non-profit Executive

“Despite the fast paced and high demands of the presidential campaign, the Precision team was unfailingly responsive and a pleasure to work with. Whether it’s for our corporate, institutional, or political work, we know we can count on Precision Opinion.”

– Political Consultant Executive

“I’ve been using Precision Opinion to help startups I work with understand the minds of their intended audience. Precision’s expertise allows me focus on the big picture, while Precision consulted me on the best approaches to collect the data we need, to advise our clients decision making process.”

– Advertising Executive

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