Quality and Ongoing training is our focus:

Precision Opinion QA Percentage: 10%+ of Completed Surveys
Your Preferred Call Center’s Percentage: ?

Quality in a Phone CATI center starts with the training process. Utilizing our two thirty-person training rooms, we start with a multi-day internal training process that includes live dialing on our own survey, with quality assessments and reviews. We then move to a 1–5-day project specific training program that culminates in live dialing client projects, and additional quality assessments. However, our work doesn’t stop there.

10% of all completed surveys are monitored by our Quality Assurance team, via both live and recorded calls. Additionally, another 5-10% of all introductions and survey screenings are monitored to ensure that we are not only screening properly, but also to improve our Interviewers Gaining Cooperation skills.

With teams of approximately 35 Interviewers per Performance Manger, and an Independent Quality Assurance team, our focus is on Quality first.

Many in this industry like to focus on Production first, as it hits their bottom line immediately. We feel that a longer view is needed here. If an Interviewer can provide the quality required, the production will come along with it as they gain experience and put their training into practice.