Hiring and Retention trends:

Precision Opinion 2022 Retention: +24% vs. 2021
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In 2022, Precision Opinion was able to retain significantly more staff than we had been able to in the prior two years. While not all has gone back to normal in the post COVID-19 lockdown era, the improvement has been steady since 2020.

In 2021, Precision was able to hire 31% less staff than in 2020; in 2022, we improved by an additional 24% from 2021. That’s an aggregate of 55% less staff needing to be hired in 2022, than in 2020. Frankly, it’s a staggering number that takes me back to a very dark place in 2020. What’s even more special about this is that Precision was able to increase our hours by 12.5% in 2022 vs. 2021, while still onboarding less staff.

Several factors have played into these numbers. While some of the improvements are surely related to macroeconomic labor trends, the bulk of the improvements are a reflection of changes that we have made internally, most notably the complete restructuring of our company culture, new facilities, more employee benefits and input, clear detail on requirements and expectations for employees, an increased focus on accountability up and down the chain of command, and a commitment to making this the best call center environment in the country. The employees also appreciate the fact that they are paid an hourly wage above the industry average.

Let’s be honest, an employee that feels they are treated equitably by their employer is more productive, more likely to show up to work, and more likely to stay with the company for longer. For our clients that means more dialing hours available to them, less training costs, more experienced interviewers, more consistent operational management, and higher Interviewer Quality and Productivity. Simply put; It’s a win for everyone.

Market Research can be a very challenging industry to work in, but Precision’s commitment to its company culture and its employees makes it more fun and rewarding for everyone here. We have an incredible team, and it’s a pleasure showing up to the office every day to see our employees in action. They are the lifeblood of this business, and our greatest asset.

Matthew McCoy
Precision Opinion, Inc.