Proprietary Panel / Community Building


Probability, Gen-Pop, and Specialty Panels

Precision Opinion has built four (4) National Online Panels for our clients. One Gen-Pop Panel (500,000 panelists), one Age 45+ Gen-Pop Panel (15,000 panelists), one Age 50+ Probability based Panel (9,000 panelists), and one specialized Caregivers Community (1,000 panelists). We not only built these panels, but we manage and administer them, while conducting all the primary research conducted on the panels.

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The Panel world has changed a lot in the past 5 years, and the big players aren’t building large scale panels like they used to, and instead rely on more of a river sampling approach. At Precision Opinion, we see the future of panel as being an
opportunity to create smaller communities for specialized research efforts. For example, we built the community of Caregivers to gain insights into the challenges that being a caregiver presents both logistically and mentally. This community also allowed these Caregivers to learn “Life Hacks” from each other, to share resources, and to be heard.

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