Percentage of Phone CATI Staff in Call Center:

Precision Opinion: 100%
Your Preferred Call Center: ?

Did you know that Precision Opinion is one of the only call centers in the United States that kept 100% of its interviewing staff inside our call center locations throughout the pandemic? Our work is essential, and our State Government agreed. We socially distanced and kept our clients PII & Respondent HIPAA Data inside our physical location. Do you know where your data is?

We know a lot of folks in the CATI call center business, and they have painted a bleak picture about the future of in person call center work. Many call centers have had an extremely difficult time getting their remote Interviewer workforce to come back into the office, “post- pandemic”. Unless you are a large research organization with a generous budget for a remote workforce, it’s typically not feasible to provide the training, technology, and oversight required to manage the workforce effectively for quality and productivity.

We humbly recommend working with a partner that never stopped using tried and true methods. Discover the difference of The Precision Way.