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How does your CATI provider stack up? Part 1

Percentage of Phone CATI Staff in Call Center: Precision Opinion: 100%Your Preferred Call Center: ? Did you know that Precision Opinion is one of the only call centers in the United States that kept 100% of its interviewing staff inside our call center locations throughout the pandemic? Our work is essential, and our State Government […]

Welcome to our New Website

We hope you like what we’ve done to the place! As Precision Opinion looks to the future in 2023, the company is very keen on upgrading and improving both external and internal facing infrastructure. As such, we have completely redesigned and updated our website. With this updated site launch in 2023, it’s only the beginning […]

Rendering of Front Elevation – Exterior of New Headquarters

In 2022 Precision Opinion completed the Interior buildout of our new 42,000 Sq. Ft. Headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. Planning is underway for the reconstruction of the exterior treatments. The design for the exterior reflects the modern minimalistic design of the interior. The Precision team is excited to see the finished product and to hoist […]