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What Is a Virtual Call Center and Why Should I Use One?

Market Research call centers remain a vital form of data collection and public opinion polling. That is why Precision Opinion has one of the largest domestic market research call centers around. After 20 years in the business, we know call centers better than most. And one thing we absolutely know is that they are incredible difficult to operate 24/7 365. The fact we pull this off and conduct quality market research surveys for government agencies, political organizations, and consumer brands is one of the reasons are clients call us the most trusted name in market research.

Some companies, due to contractual obligations, aren’t allowed to outsource call center market research, leaving them with the heavy responsibility of operating and employing an entire call center. This can be a giant pain point for some companies, but a pain that must be absorbed in order to maintain the business that they have.

Realizing this is why we have opened up our Virtual Call Center offering.

Isn’t it time for you to keep the benefits of Telephone Data Collection without any of the headaches?

Taking your call center virtual can benefit your organization in more ways than one. Your capabilities expand considerably, there are no geographical limitations, there are lower required costs, and improved mobility for your organization. 

2 Pain Points Our Virtual Call Center Solves

Business Hours

Traditional call center hours require that research associates call respondents better 5pm and 9pm in each respective timezone. This equates to you and your team working longer hours of operation – work during the day, call center operations at night.

A virtual call center helps mitigate these issues entirely. Our Virtual Call Centers allows you and your company to operate in whatever hours you see fit without worry of the hours that need to be spent operating quality telephone market research.

High Employee Turnover

If you’ve worked a day in a call center, you’ve probably already seen five other people work their last. Employee turnover is high in just about every call center around the world. 

At our Virtual Call Center, they’re your employees, but we take care of the hiring, training, managing, and human resource side of the world.

Now for the Benefits of our Virtual Call Center


You save time, money, and human capital by not having to invest in the infrastructure needed to operate a modern-day telephone data collection center.

  • Quick Set Up Time
  • It’s easy to quickly address usage fluctuations
  • No facility required on your end
  • Infrastructure and upgrades handled for you


We’re able to grow with your business. If you opt out of the virtual route, you’ll quickly understand how difficult it is to accommodate a growing numbers of customer requests.

The Precision Opinion Virtual Call Centers allows for easy and quick scalability. When you choose our virtual contact center, it’s easy to:

  • Add bespoke requests based on business and client needs
  • Change the number of available agent seats in response to long-term shifts or short-term spikes in business

Precision Opinion’s Virtual Call Center

At Precision Opinion, we facilitate a virtual call center program and provide “FLEX SPACE UNDER YOUR COMPANY’S NAME”. 

Our virtual call center presents a range of benefits for clients:

  • Our facility white labeled as yours
  • Your employees, under our supervision
  • The program includes telephone data collection (TDC) management and interviewing staff that work with your company
    • TDC staff are trained according to your SOW’s specifications
    • TDC staff includes trained interviewers, quality control experts (monitors), and team support staff and leaders
    • Your firm can opt to integrate an onsite manager; the manager can provide technical oversight and guidance
  • We rely on cloud-based platform data collection
    • Compatable on the VOXVO CATI platform or your own platform
    • Direct links with full FISMA and HIPPA security available 

If you want to learn more about how our team can help you collect the insights you deserve, contact us today! Then, you’ll be paired up with a customer service representative who can address your unique questions and concerns.