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The Best of the Best: 5 Indispensable Market Research Blogs for 2020

Marketers love metrics. They don’t love metrics for their own sake, but rather for the ways those metrics reveal key marketing insights. Said differently, marketers love metrics because those metrics yield value. Indeed, this is the kind of value that adds to the bottom line and take businesses to the next level. You can find these insights in market research blogs.

For this reason, as Medium rightly notes, forward leaning marketers are continually on the hunt for reliable sources of the latest insights that deliver real value:

“As research geeks, the only thing we love more than writing about the latest insight trends, methodologies and technologies is reading about them. Fortunately for us, the insight community is full of fascinating and diverse opinions to explore. There is almost always something new to discover, to the point that it can almost be a challenge to keep up with the pace of change. But we’re always on the lookout for the…companies and individuals seeking to push the boundaries of market research further than ever before and find exciting new ways to deliver real value.”

Keeping up With the Change of Pace

The best marketers possess, in addition to the analytical bone fides to turn a mountain of metrics into a carefully deduced insight, the uncanny ability to separate heft from hype. They know, in other words, which market insights make inherent sense, this based on their own marketing successes and failures.

That means they also know which sources consistently provide information and insights on marketing objectives. Once they discover such a source, they return to it again and again, confident that it will help them stay on top of the dizzying pace of change that characterizes the current marketing landscape.

The Best of the Best

The “insight sources” that consistently deliver value come in many formats.  There are key marketing surveys, like HubSpot’s annual State of Inbound Reports, lists of marketing statistics derived from seminal studies, case studies, eBooks, podcasts—and, of course, market research blogs.

Of course, there’s no shortage of blogs devoted to market research, but some are substantially better than others. The job of the marketer is to know with some certainty which are the most reliable—which, in other words, consistently deliver the kind of insights they can use to inform and improve their own marketing efforts.

Here, then, are 5 “best of the best” market research blogs—the ones that consistently deliver insights you can use—and real value:

1. Qualtrics: Nailing Customer Experience

Qualtrics is perhaps most notable for the sheer breadth and depth of their subject matter. Their blogs treat 4 principal areas: employee experience, brand experience, product experience and customer experience (CX). 

Within each of the categories, marketers will find practical tips and strategies to improve their marketing, but it’s in the area of customer experience that they’re likely to find some of the most useful and timely information. Among their current posts, for example, is “How your brand can build and keep trust amid COVID-19“.   

What’s most striking about Qualtrics’ blogs is their unrelenting insistence on pragmatism and practicality.  Featuring current titles like “Asking your customers for reviews: 5 tips for receiving important user feedback,” and “How to optimize and accelerate the ROI of CX“, Qualtrics is important for marketers who want specific information they can use—immediately and effectively.

One other thing:  marketers will want to visit Qualtrics’ blog frequently.  They post as many as 5 new articles a week—every  week.

2. Greenbook: Thought Leaders Laid Bare

While Qualtrics takes practical strategy to the next level, Greenbook is important for industry leaders. Visitors will find familiar voices (including Jeffrey Henning and Leonard Murphy). Also, other emerging thought leaders who frequently comment on a variety of niche market research subjects.

Greenbook’s blog is second to none—but they also offer critically important opinions in other formats, everything from podcasts to webinars, sponsored content and case studies. The important fact for marketers looking for useful insights, however, is the consistent quality of opinion. Current examples include “Manage the Overwhelming Chaos of Qualitative Research Data” and “Setting Your (In)sights: Making the Competitive Advantage of Market Research Visible“.

3. Zappi: Staying on Top of Marketing Trends

The Best of the Best: 5 Indispensable Market Research Blogs for 2020

Although Zappi posts less frequently than Qualtrics or Greenbook (figure on a couple new blogs each month), it’s an important resource because of its unparalleled treatment of emerging marketing trends. Among its strengths are the latest trends in the areas of technology, automation, advertising, new product development, and market research. A good example is Katie Sweet’s deep dive, “Here’s what insights practitioners predict will happen in market research in 2020“. 

4. Lightspeed: Tackling Complex Research Issues

Market researchers are less interested in theoretical commentary than practical solutions to the research problems they encounter every day.  That makes Lightspeed, which frequently dives into the weeds on technical research issues, an indispensable resource. Additionally, when those issues are especially complex, Lightspeed creates multi-part posts to ensure accurate and comprehensive analyses. 

If you’re not familiar with Lightspeed’s approach, check out blogs like “Using Chatbot Technology to Enhance Audience Understanding” and “Welcome to 2020! A Deeper Understanding of People for the Year Ahead“.  Odds are, whatever your research interest, you’ll find a Lightspeed blog that provides a deeper, more informed understanding.

5. C_Space: Off the Beaten Path

The most successful marketers are the ones who listen to and carefully weigh the value of diverse opinions. That sometimes means taking “the road less traveled”, in this case, a visit to the blog from C_SPACE.

Here, you’ll find alternative approaches to familiar topics in blogs like “A Head and Heart Approach to Understanding Customer Experience“. This article effectively argues that marketers need to understand disruptions. This approach to communications, customer experience, and customer strategy are the reason C_Space joins our list of this year’s top 5 market research blogs.

Find More Market Research Blogs

Marketing success is a function of the insights that drive new approaches and strategies for growth and profitability. These blogs are a good first step to expanding those insights, but they’re not the only one. And, frankly, market research (and everything that goes into it) can be both complex and confusing. That’s where we can help.

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