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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Precision Opinion do?

Precision Opinion is a Market Research firm. Our company calls households and individuals all across America for the sole purpose of conducting surveys and hearing their opinions on topics and events that are currently going on in the country.  No one at Precision Opinion will ever try and sell you anything and your data is kept secure under HIPPA and FISMA data collection compliance. In addition, your information will never be sold or given by us to another company. 

Please note that Precision Opinion and its employees are all based in the United States of America. We do not conduct our work from off-shore or outsource our work to other countries. 

Why did you call me?

Precision Opinion called you to conduct a survey and gather your opinions about topical events and situations.  We will never call to sell you anything or ask for banking information of any kind. We are purely a market research firm whose mission is to gather the opinions of America to make individual voices heard.

Please note that Precision Opinion and its employees are all based in the United States of America. We do not conduct our work from off-shore or outsource our work to other countries. 

How did you get my phone number?

Your number was selected via Random Digit Dial (RDD) from a registered voter list and/or a list that was provided by the client that is sponsoring the survey.

How was my phone number dialed?

We have two primary methods of telephone number dialing at Precision Opinion.  The methodology used is based on the phone number are calling.  

First, we run every phone number list (called Sample), through a Sample Scrubbing software that determines if the phone number is a Landline or Mobile Phone number.

If the number is determined to be a Landline number, it is placed in an auto-dialer and the computer selects your number at random to be called.

If the number is determined to be a Mobile Phone number, it is placed on a call-list and Precision Opinion interviewers manually dial each number on a telephone keypad.

This process is in accordance with the FCC TCPA 2015 rules and regulations revolved around dialing mobile telephone numbers.

What is the phone number removal process?
Submitting a request to ‘Remove My Number’ can be done through the form at the TOP of this page or by emailing Once your phone number has been received, the Precision Opinion Programming searches through every job we have in-field and manually removes the number from each call list (also called a Sample File). Because this is a manual process, it sometimes takes several hours to complete the task, depending on when the request was submitted. We do our best here to adhere to Remove My Number requests within an hour of receiving them, but because of the manual nature of this task, time zones and work hours, we may not get to it always within an hour of receipt of request. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your patience with us.
What happens if I get called again?

Unfortunately, due the manual process of removing numbers and the amount of jobs that go in-and-out of field at Precision Opinion (we sometimes conduct over 20 different surveys in one day!), we might not always be able to get every instance of your number on a call list (also known as a Sample File).  If this is the case for you, please accept our sincere apology! 

If you would, please submit the Remove My Number request again, which can be done at the top of this page, and the Precision Opinion Programming team will go through each sample file again to find the survey that it was not taken from. This process normally takes 1 hour from receipt of removal request, but due to the manual searching, time zones and work hours, it might take up to 6 hours to complete the request.

How do I report and unprofessional interviewer?

At Precision Opinion, we strive for excellence from each of our interviewers and having an unpleasant experience with one of our interviewers is unacceptable. First off, we would like to apologize for your experience. Interviewers are a reflection of Precision Opinion, and if they are not representing our company properly, we will take measures to ensure that does not happen again. 

To report your experience, please send an email to:

Who are you collecting information for?

While we are not able to tell you the exact client in most cases due to confidentiality clauses in our work, we can tell you that our clients come from Social Science Researchers, Political Organizations, Government Organizations, Major News Affiliates and Fortune 500 companies. 

Precision Opinion, while working for political organizations of all different parties, is a neutral source of data collection and never uses your data to skew one view-point or another. We have one goal and that is to put the honest truth out there on how American’s feel about topics and events in the United States.