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What Is SMS Research?

The strongest businesses around the globe rely heavily on market research surveys in their processes, because those businesses understand the benefits of tapping into the right audience minds to answer the most pressing audience questions. Today, one of the newest and most effective means for those brands is to conduct SMS surveys.

SMS surveys are market research surveys conducted through small message service (SMS), more commonly known as text messages. Unlike other survey fielding methodologies, such as phone, intercept and panel options, text message surveys allow brands and businesses to connect almost instantly with their sample, conducting meaningful, cost-effective market research as a result.

Text message surveys are exactly what they sound like – surveys sent directly to a respondent’s phone through a text message. The brilliance of this, however, isn’t just in their ability to reach many, many more respondents more quickly – even though that’s exactly what they do – but also in the fact that they do so at a fraction of the cost compared to other survey methods, often yielding even better results as well.

The SMS Survey Process

With PrecisionSMS, an SMS text survey begins by developing a comprehensive online questionnaire, designed specifically for mobile usage. This is critical, as SMS surveys take place on phones and other mobile devices, as opposed to computers or via person to person. As such, the survey experience must be methodically designed to match mobile respondent expectations.

  • Questions must be optimized for length and readability.
  • Survey flow must be maximized for mobile engagement.
  • Layout must be designed for a vertical, touch-screen experience.

Next, a link to the survey is sent via SMS to a sample of the target audience, along with compelling text message copywriting created to influence and entice readers to participate in the study. To do this, we utilize up-to-date voter files, database samples and even customer provided data bases, and run everything through a unique quality control tool, all to ensure each survey project reaches the exact correct audience, every time.

Finally, those individuals who click the link are guided to and through the survey, with their responses being recorded almost instantly, ready to be moved into the analysis phase of the project.

How SMS Surveys Work

There’s no denying, we live in a mobile first, digitally-driven world. That’s exactly why conducting surveys through an SMS survey platform is a logical, optimum methodology for capturing survey research data today. However, many important rules must be followed by brands and businesses conducting SMS research. 
The Federal Communication Commission’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) places important limitations on unsolicited telemarketing, and many of those limitations extend to text messages as well. As a result, SMS research surveys must meet extremely specific requirements in order to remain compliant with the law while still yielding effective data.

The SMS survey software developed by PrecisionSMS does exactly that. Our system utilizes a proprietary peer to peer texting platform, ensuring that the methodology never violates important protection rules by sending unsolicited messages to potential survey respondents.

This means our research is always done the correct way, ensuring the full success of each and every client project.

The Benefit of SMS Survey Research

From online to in-person, researchers have myriad survey methodologies available when considering the best means for fielding their market research, and choosing the optimal strategy can often be a challenge.

Compared to other options, however, an SMS text survey brings several outstanding benefits to researchers that are otherwise unavailable through more traditional survey methodologies.

SMS surveys are more indicative of the total population.

We live in a mobile-first digital world, and conducting a survey by text message means brands are able to reach their audience through one of the most authentic mediums possible.

Take a walk down any street, and you’ll likely see dozens of people holding and staring at their phones as you pass. That’s because the phone has grown to become an extension of our human selves in many social circles, and as such, SMS text surveys flow much more elegantly into the lives of respondents than most other methodologies.

In fact, in a recent analysis of SMS surveys vs. panel surveys, results indicated that text message surveys produced more representative sample results compared to online. Click here to view the results of that survey study.

SMS surveys are fast.

The result of surveys via SMS is faster-than-normal survey results, which is a complete game changer for brands looking to conduct up-to-the-minute market research.

When conducting a survey by text message, a sizeable sample of your entire audience is sent a mobile link at rapid speed. A subsection of that audience will click the link, take the survey, and within minutes their responses will be recorded in the survey software of choice.

Thanks to the power of peer to peer texting capabilities, combined with the natural familiarity of mobile technologies among most respondent audiences, respondents are able to participate faster, and the results of the survey are subsequently available for analysis near-instantaneously as well.

SMS surveys yield better results at a better price.

One of the immediate benefits researchers notice when conducting a survey via SMS is their ability to reduce a project’s total price.

Unlike other fielding methodologies, such as phone, intercept or panel, which often charge brands based on the number of completed responses they collect, conducting a survey through SMS utilizes a peer to peer texting survey platform that only charges for the messages sent and received.

This means that research conducted through an SMS survey is not held to major cost restraints based on per-respondent charges, culminating in tremendous overall cost savings for each and every SMS survey project.

Learn More About SMS Survey Research

Conducting surveys is one of the most important, foundational tools of market research. And, while there’s many different methods available for fielding those surveys, especially in the digital age, finding the right people to participate is the most critical factor in making the process work.

In an average day, 5 billion people around the world send and receive SMS messages, and it’s predicted that more than 31 billion connected devices will be in play by 2023. Simply put, text messaging has become an integral part of modern life, and the most effective market researchers will be those that utilize this platform that’s so inherently ingrained in the fabric of society.

With PrecisionSMS, we deliver these cutting edge capabilities to brands, businesses, and researchers in need of reaching and connecting with the right people at the right time. 

Do you have a project that could benefit from the unique, in-depth insights only available through a text message survey? Learn more about how we can help by contacting us today.