You are currently viewing Your Voice Matters in 2020: The Use of Market Research Surveys

Your Voice Matters in 2020: The Use of Market Research Surveys

Your Voice Matters in 2020: The Use of Market Research Surveys

An open political voice in 2020 might be defined now as joining protesters or making opinions known on social media. More effective, action-oriented and subtle means, and often anonymously, can be done through the participation of political opinion market research surveys.

No doubt you’ve participated in a few political polls in your lifetime, either through text message, online or via phone. Maybe you’ve ignored a few of those political poll calls.

To really make your political opinions known on a national scale, participating in a market research survey amplifies your beliefs without sharing your name.

But how do these surveys actually work, and how do they make a real political difference?

Defining What a Market Research Survey Is

Perhaps you’ve used market research surveys before for your business to gather immediate impressions of what people think of a product or service. Setting up surveys helps you keep on top of competitive demands and what your competition is doing.

In the realm of politics, it becomes even more valuable when it applies to a political organization. Being able to gather this information helps such groups better analyze what people are thinking and gain metrics to better target potential voters.

As a voter yourself, you should consider a market research survey as an important secondary tool to voting itself. These are conducted in various ways, though services providing them often do them in more convenient ways to make participation easier.

Read on further to see the best ways to answer one of these surveys and how it amplifies your political beliefs in the bigger picture.

A Survey From Phone Centers

The most typical way a political market research survey is done is through the simplest means: A telephone call. Many of these survey phone centers operate virtually for sake of saving costs, and because of COVID-19.

Still, they work the same virtually, with remote callers calling people like you to participate in a survey. They’ll most typically call between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. since this is when most people are home.

Even if it sounds inconvenient to get a call at the dinner hour for a survey, this is far from dealing with a telemarketer who can’t take no for an answer. A survey is a different type of call where you’re asked a question (or questions) about something in the political spectrum. Some of these questions might be:

  • How do you feel about a particular political candidate?
  • Do you approve of what the current President is doing?
  • What is your opinion of (whatever political issue)?

These are just some general questions asked. To gain more detail, the caller may ask for your ethnicity, age, household size, and zip code.

Conducting a Market Research Survey via SMS

Your Voice Matters in 2020: The Use of Market Research Surveys

Calling people is still a challenging prospect nowadays due to some not wanting to be bothered in the early evenings. This is why more market research surveys for political opinion now occur through SMS.

Sending a text with a political survey works much like an email, except it’s more immediate. As done with Precision Opinion, they send you a link to participate in a web-based survey via text so you are able to take it when it is convenient for you to do so.

Other times, you might participate in a real-time, 2-way text message conversation with an interviewer (see more about interviewers here). This might involve typing a number if it’s a multiple choice survey or responding with “Y” or “N” for Yes or No.

Either way, these type of surveys are now more of a norm. One good reason is statistics continually show five billion people receive or send SMS messages daily.

If you see a survey appear on your smartphone or other mobile device, don’t delete it. Even if it looks unsolicited, how you answer will go a long way in influencing politics and other issues in America. Next, we’ll show you just how influential a political survey is when you participate.

Why Does It Matter to Take a Political Survey?

As Pew Research above notes:

Polls are a way for you to express your opinions to the nation’s leaders and the country as a whole. Public officials and other leaders pay attention to the results of polls and often take them into account in their decision-making.

This quote is one to take to heart if you feel like your vote doesn’t matter or if you can’t find outlets to express your political viewpoints. Expressing them in protests or online doesn’t make quite as much impact than through influential polls.

Despite remaining anonymous in polls, you become a part of something larger with all Americans working together to enact change. Hopefully this gives you a new view of political surveys from the perspectives you’ve maybe held for years.

Unfortunately, some people still don’t participate in surveys, leading to more narrowed political opinions in the results. The point is to get as broad of a picture as possible of American viewpoints to truly make a difference in everyone’s lives.

Don’t assume the government doesn’t care or never pays attention to polls. Since major media outlets cite polls every day of the year, you can see how much they still set new precedents.

What Are the Chances You’ll Be Picked for Market Research Surveys?

Political surveys are a random process that involves cold calls or texts to every citizen. Other than 2% of the American population having no phones, the majority still get surveyed. Other statistics show 96% of all people at least have a cellphone or smartphone, making SMS surveys continually more important.

With so many overwhelming political issues this year and into the foreseeable future, take time to answer a political survey if you get one. No matter if you still intend to vote on Election Day (and please do!), your survey participation could change numerous governmental issues before the election occurs, or through early 2021.


No one should think the American populace no longer has a voice in our country. It may seem like it sometimes. Yet, now you know political surveys are the true secret weapon toward change next to boycotting and calling your reps/senators.

Contact us at Precision Opinion to learn about how we put together market research surveys for organizations.