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Experience the power of SMS .

Are you ready to experience the power of SMS when it comes to your market research? SMS is fast and affordable while maintaining the quality insights that your research deserves. 

In 2019, Precision Opinion unveiled their SMS Market Research service that enables you to put your questions in the palm of everyones hands. 

Learn more about our technology and how it’s shaping the future of market research and data collection, today. 

SMS / Text Message Surveys by Precision Opinion

By The Numbers

1 %
text message
open rate
1 %
of people text
1 x
More cost effective than Phone
1 x
faster than traditional MRX


Our SMS platform is 100% TCPA complaint. This is acheived through sending text messages on an indivudal peer-to-peer using our in-house developed software that allows us to accomplish personalization and human interaction at scale.

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Our SMS software has a been designed to be used holistically and in conjecture with all of our market research data collection services, so we are able to capture, continue and cross reference surveys completed with SMS, Online, and Phone in a seamless manner. 

Greater Voter Insights

Precision SMS is able to tie-in registered voter file history with your respondents, providing you with accurate data points for each respondent.

At the end of each survey, we are able to instantaneously match survey respondents with the voter records with complete accuracy, giving political market research consultants greater insights into those that they are hearing opinions from. 

Fast and Reliable

Rocket Ship, Precision SMS is FAST

4When you’re dealing with timely topics, speed and accuracy is everything! Precision Opinion’s SMS software is fast, reliable, and shares real-time results with our clients. 

On average, 80% of surveys are complete within 4 hours of using Precision SMS. 

Can your current market research provider say that? 

Speed. Accuracy. Quality. Targeted. Affordable. Those are the 5 key benefits of Precision SMS.

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