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New Study: Race and Gender Reactions to the Derek Chauvin Trial

The day following the verdict in the George Floyd trial, Precision Opinion conducted a national survey to determine the overall views of the trial and its results.  We used our FCC-TCPA compliant Text-to-Web platform, PrecisionSMS.

A national random sample of cell phone numbers were sent a total of 75,594 peer-to-peer text messages to the targeted respondents’ smart phones with links to an online survey using our national RDD time zone protocol.  In less than 8 hours, we received a total of 960 responses from adults 18+. The result was a response rate of .013 producing an overall margin of error of +/- 3.16% at a 95% confidence interval.  

PrecisonSMS produced a national sample of 960 adults in an 8-hour period.  The quota free survey delivered a gender balance response of 50% Male/Female with the following age distribution:


The retail price of conducting this PrecisionSMS survey would be $7,514 producing a CPI of $7.83

If you would like more information in conducting a PrecisionSMS survey, please contact or call Matt McCoy on his direct line (702) 286-7700.

George Floyd PrecisionSMS Key Findings

Overall, 66% of the respondents were very familiar with another 32% being somewhat familiar with the George Floyd trial.  The trial was followed more closely by the black community, with 82% being familiar with the trial as compared to 63% of whites.

Thirty percent followed the trial as it was broadcasted while 23% learned from watching television news with 27% from the internet.

When asked if Officer Derek Chauvin received a fair trial 63% of whites responded “yes” while a higher percentage of blacks said “yes” with 73%.

More women (68%) versus men (50%) saw the trial as fair.

Those finding the trial was fair were equally divided among all age groups.