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Our Approach to Operating a Telephone Data Collection During a Global Pandemic

A question we get asked a lot recently is “how do we manage a fully-operations 700 CATI station facility during the ongoing healthcare concerns?”

We get asked so much, we figured that we might as well put on our blog to show just a few of the many steps we take to ensure a clean and safe environment for all during this global pandemic.

At Precision Opinion during this unprecedented Covid19 pandemic, we took a route that focused on keeping our interviewers safe while assuring our clients of continued security and quality.  The Covid19 driven changes to our work environment also produced some unexpected outcomes. We found our employees were comfortable and feeling safe from the outside world.  A surprising  result was our daily attendance increased!

Here are the steps we implemented.

  1. Before entering the call-center everyone’s temperature is checked.
  2. Disinfectant hand lotions are located through out
  3. Disinfectant wipes are located through out
  4. Masks are required for all interviewers and management staff
  5. Every interviewer is provided protective pads for ear and microphone covering
  6. CATI stations are 6-feet apart
  7. During shifts a team is continuously cleaning surfaces while interviewers are on break
  8. Pre and Post shifts the every CATI station as well as the full call center is cleaned and sanitized
  9. After hours we again clean the entire center with a germ-killing spray 

We are relentless in assuring our interviewers are safe and working in an atmosphere that reflects our concern for their health.  On a recent OSHA visit we were complimented including the fact we are exceeding all state standards. Our goal was to continue to provide our clients with the delivery of quality data on time, on budget and according to requirements.  With that in mind we also fully understood our assets leave the call center each day.  It is and remains our duty to make sure they return to a safe and protected environment.

Precision Opinion operates a 700 CATI facility in Las Vegas.  Most of our work centers around the healthcare industry.  Our quality and internet security revolve around HIPPA requirements as well as FISMA security by implementing SOC2 and HiTrust protocols.   Do you have a market research project that needs a trusted and preferred telephone survey provider to assist in your efforts? Contact us today.