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Introducing PrecisionSMS

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Hello everyone and welcome to this overview of PrecisionSMS, the text message market research software brought to you by Precision Opinion. 

This is a tool we have been using internally for the past year, and given that we are all currently looking at new methods to conduct market research, we are now offering this as an additional service of Precision Opinion. 

So with that being said, I’m extremely thrilled to share this with you and believe that it is a complete game-changer for Market Research. 

This write-up is very top-level but if you have questions or want to discuss something more specific to your research needs, please feel free to email me or get in touch with me on Twitter @AlexJMedick.

Alright, let’s dive in.  

Why SMS is powerful? 

Okay, I’ll throw some data at you here shortly, but we can talk about the obvious right here. The one thing that we all have in common is that we text, and we ALL text daily! 

Let me ask you… when is the last time you answered your landline phone? When is the last time you ignored an unknown number that called you? Do you have a burner email that you give to companies that you don’t really care to hear from but have to provide to move on? 

Now, let me follow up with this question — how many times do you get a text and don’t even look at the “preview”? I bet the answer is never, right? Well, that was our thesis when building our PrecisionSMS. 

The world is noisy and unfortunately, there is a lot of garbage out there. So how do we cut through the noise? And furthermore, how do we cut through the noise while building trust and enhancing user experiences through our connection opportunities. 

Well, that has been the vision behind PrecisionSMS. 

And as promised, here are some fun texting stats for all of you data lovers out there – All 2019 statistics: 

  • American’s send roughly 26 billion text messages per day.
  • The average person sends 15 texts per day
  • 97% of smartphone owners text regularly
  • SMS messages see a 98% open rate (compared to emails 17%)
  • 92% of U.S. adults carry text-enabled phones. 
  • 85% of customers prefer receiving a text over a phone call. 
Reach your audience with PrecisionSMS, a product of Precision Opinion

Is Text Message Market Research compliant? 

The first question our clients always ask is, “Are you compliant?” Yes, we are fully compliant to conduct non-consented text sending for the purposes of market research.  By utilizing peer-to-peer text messaging and adhering to opt-out best practices, we have, and will continue to, find success with our cold-outreach methodology. 

We have been through an army of attorneys specializing in TCPA compliance and we are absolutely covered. Here are a few unique things about PrecisionSMS that make us specifically complaint: 

  1. We utilize advanced peer-to-peer texting technology, which is one-to-one engagement and interactions with text messages but streamlined for mass-scale use.  Every message is sent personalized and human intervention.  
  2. We have the ability to send messages using 1-key, 4-key, and 10-key entry. This allows us to tailor our approach to your level of comfort within your organization. Legally speaking, all you need is a 1-key interaction to send a non-consented text message. But if you want us to type out the whole phone number to give you that extra peace-of-mind layer, then we have you covered! 
  3. We have built-into our system opt-out AI, which allows the system to automatically opt-out individuals that request to do so.
  4. We have a trusted and secure network.  Because our servers and domains to be secured and trusted, which helps us not get blocked in the sending process. 

    You see, companies that blindly send out thousands of messages that don’t use P2P tech runs afoul of TCPA law or don’t have a trusted server tend to be blocked at the carrier level – meaning that the message might have sent from your side, but it might not have actually made it to the respondent. 
  5. Because of our trusted network, we have the ability to do text-to-web research which we find to be extremely efficient as it allows respondents to take the survey based on their availability. Additionally, it adds a speed component to get your survey in and out of field in a timely fashion to get those in-the-moment insights answered, well, in-the-moment. 

What is ‘Bonus Data’?

Let’s talk about Bonus Data… Okay, so the official term isn’t bonus data, but I think that is the easiest way to say it. When you use text-to-web text message surveys, you have the opportunity to gain more insights than you’re looking for without ruining your numbers. 

For example, if we send out 100 text messages to get 50 female respondents, we will close the quota there. But if later that night, female number 51 answers the survey, we aren’t going to reject her out of the survey. We will still collect the data, we just won’t put it in your quota report, but still give you that respondents’ insights in case you’d like it. 

Why do we do this? Great question. The primary factor is about User Experience. The more you waste the respondents time by having them read a message, click a link, and then get rejected, the more likely it is the respondent will complain, which leads to the potential of your survey getting flagged by mobile carriers as spam. So we advise you to let the person on through – free of charge. 

Also, if you have a screener for your survey, we can connect back-end voter profiles for that respondent even if they don’t qualify for full participation. 

You don’t want their data? No big deal. We aren’t charging you for it, so we’ll just toss it away. 

Want the data? No big deal! We aren’t charging you for it, so keep it. It’s yours to study. 
So in your final data report, we’ll offer you the excess data if you’d like. From there, it’s your call what you want to do? 

Sound good? 

Data is kind with PrecisionSMS, a product of Precision Opinion

What makes PrecisionSMS so special?

Besides the fact that Precision Opinion has been the most trusted name is qualitative data collection since 2006, there are a few other reasons to help you make us your go-to MRx firm: 

  1. If you utilize all of our PrecisionSMS features, which we can dive into if you want to set up a private one-on-one, we are actually able to append your survey data to voter files to create a more in-depth look at an individuals psychographics. 
  2. The PrecisionSMS team is fully distributed and the software is web-based, so your projects can be conducted by our team wherever they are. 
  3. Our software is able to tie-together with our phone and online survey software, so we are able to maximize multi-mode efforts. For example, if you want the first outreach to be a text message and the second outreach to be a phone call, we can make that happen and keep all of the data housed in one, easy-to-compile data repository. 
An inside look at PrecisionSMS, a product of Precision Opinion

Show me the success!

Here are a few results from PrecisionSMS projects that we want to share with you: 

  • Location: Idaho
    N: 186 Completes 
    LOI: 15 Minutes
    Sample Records Used: 15,201
    Completion Rate: 1.22%
    Completion Timeframe: Total Fielding took 2 days, 61% of completes retained within the first 90 minutes of fielding.
  • Location: Colorado
    N: 374 Completes 
    LOI: 6 Minutes
    Sample Records Used: 27,378
    Completion Rate: 1.37%
    Completion Timeframe: Total Fielding took 5 days, 59% of completes retained within the first 90 minutes hours of fielding.
  • Location: National
    N: 407 Completes 
    LOI: 7 Minutes
    Sample Records Used: 47,183
    Completion Rate: 0.86%
    Completion Timeframe: Total Fielding took 24 hours, 66% of completes retained within the first 90 minutes of fielding.

Does SMS replace phone and online research? 

While text message is powerful, we believe creating a holistic approach is the best option around. By utilizing SMS, Phone and Online research together, you can achieve powerful insights. 

Get In Touch

Well, I guess that’s for my little introduction to SMS video here. If you’d like to know more or set up a one-on-one call, please feel free to get in touch with me directly – or on Twitter @AlexJMedick

You can also always email and we’ll get you set up with a client success manager right away.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.