Enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures

At Precision Opinion, we’re focused on keeping our team members safe while assuring that we keep our doors open to conduct vital market research for our clients.

That’s why we’re increasing sanitization, providing PPE, prioritizing personal space to better socially distance in the workplace, and implementing behavioral signage — ensuring that members can continue working in safe and clean environments.

Face Shields

All employees are provided face shields that may be worn while working at their workstation.

Increased sanitization

We are disinfecting, with approved CDC and EPA disinfectants all workstations, keyboards, mouse’s, and common areas before shifts, throughout the day and after shifts. We will also disinfect any employee’s area before they start their shift.

Face Mask Coverings

Our face mask mandate ensures that all team members are covering up and are given proper face covering supplies if needed.

We're 100% dedicated to the safety of our employees. It is our mission to keep us all healthy, safe, and continue to work for our clients and families. This is our priority!

Bruce Baum, President

The measures we're taking to keep our team members safe

Keyboard Covers

Upon request, team members may have new disposable keyboard covers installed at their workstation that will be thrown away by our cleaning crew at the end of their shift.

Prioritizing personal space

We have created social distancing by eliminating over half of our workstations and we encourage our employees to practice social distancing during breaks.

Tempature Checks

All persons entering our facilities will have their temperature checked before being granted entry. If you have a temperature about 100.4°, you will not be allowed to enter.

Hand Sanitizer

We have strategically placed hand sanitizer stations and sanitizing wipes throughout the call centers for easy access to all employees.

Disinfecting & Cleaning

We have tripled the size of our cleaning staff to ensure we are cleaning and disinfecting our employee workstations and common areas of our call centers.

Behavioral signage

Healthy reminders, how to wash your hands and social distancing signage from the CDC are placed throughout the call centers.

No Fault Sick Days

The rule is simple, if you aren't feeling well, please stay home. We will not fault you for keeping the safety of those around you in mind.

No Handshaking

The days of handshakes and high-fives are behind us for the moment. So, during this time of caution we have a no-handshaking policy in effect and suggest you bump your elbows.

Join Our Team

We are taking all measures possible to stay healthy, safe, and keep our team members working.

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