Voxco’s Command Center platform is one of the few true multichannel survey tools available on the market. It simplifies management and boosts performance of multichannel campaigns by collecting data from all collection modes and processing and distributing this data in highly customizable formats in a totally secure environment.

It collects data from every survey mode: Telephone (CATI), Web (CAWI), Face-to-Face (CAPI), Mobile and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Command Center creates consistent and rapidly adaptable surveys through a centralized authoring utility, and then integrates data into a centralized database for analyis and reporting.




  • Command Center seamlessly integrates every survey mode
  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
  • CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing)
  • CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing)
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Mobile
  • Includes sophisticated Panel Management tool
  • Survey uniformity ensured by unified questionnaire authoring
  • Data from every channel downloaded into centralized SQL database for processing, analysis and reporting


  • One of few true multi-channel survey tools available — makes multi-channel campaigns easier to deploy, manage and control
  • Avoids hassle, waste of time and potential data deterioration due to difficulties of trying to manage incompatible platforms
  • Surveys can be switched instantaneously from one channel to another (CATI to CAPI for example) with data from one channel automatically integrated into survey in another channel
  • Gives you the power to process and publish your survey results in highly customizable formats in a secure environment

Voxco Pronto Predictive Dialer

The telephony package is a thoroughly field-proven solution meeting the demanding needs of survey data collection. It is a powerful addition to CATI operations, dramatically increasing interviewer efficiency and productivity. Companies will see a fast ROI based on 3 dialing modes available: Preview, Power, and Predictive. Voxco’s predictive dialer is one of the few truly proprietary solutions on the market, and is considered the industry standard for research work. Its dropped call rate control, powerful algorithms, and automatic call dispositioning parameters are many proofs of this. The tool also provides an extensive range of functions which include digital recording, playback of sound files, and internal/external audio monitoring to improve and measure quality of phone interviewing. Inbound campaigns can also be managed efficiently on the system with functions for automatic call blending, ACD, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for routing inbound calls. Automated IVR surveys and automatic messaging are also supported on the system.


  • Intelligent predictive algorithms
  • Preview, Power, and Predictive dialing modes
  • Full control over the drop rate
  • Internal and remote monitoring for quality control
  • Digital recording of full or partial conversations, and playback of sound files within surveys
  • Real-time statistics on projects and interviewers’ status
  • Operates as a stand-alone telephony solution or can also interface with most commerical PBXs
  • Accurate call result detection
  • ACD for call routing to the most appropriate group
  • Interactive Voice Response used for surveying, inbound campaigns, and automatic messaging
  • Do Not Call lists tailored to market research compliance regulations
  • Proprietary dialer — one of the select few in the industry
  • Designed specifically to integrate with Voxco’s Telephony (CATI) solution Benefits


  • Increased productivity and fast ROI – minimal downtime for interviewers
  • Minimizes dropped calls – 1% drop rate is the best in the industry
  • Close integration with Voxco CATI solution
  • Greater quality control
  • Increased satisfaction of the interviewing workforce

Voxco Architecture Overview