Legal and moral Compliance.

Precision Opinion believes in promoting good will between the Market Research Industry and the general public by being both compliant with the law and allowing people to opt out of participating in our public opinion polls.

Precision Opinion is TCPA Compliant. What does this mean to you?

Precision Opinion screens all phone numbers we dial through a government approved screening process that identifies Wireless Phone numbers and Land Line Phone Numbers.

Precision Opinion does not dial with an Automatic Dialer any Phone Numbers identified through the screening process as being a Wireless phone number.

Precision Opinion does not participate in Telemarketing or sales programs of any type.

Because Precision Opinion is not a Telemarketer, we are not required to participate in the National Do Not Call List. However, should you like us to remove your phone number from being called on one of our polls, you may request this here: Click here to Remove Phone Number

Precision Opinion is a legitimate Market Research firm in Las Vegas, Nevada that conducts public opinion polling. That’s why we have a caller ID# associated with every phone call we make. This number identifies us as Precision Opinion, therefore you can come to our website and request that your number be removed from a public opinion poll we are conducting, or you may send us a complaint on the Contact us form on this website.