Precision Opinion is a 500 station CATI equipped phone room including speed/predictive dialers. We deliver uncompromising data and service to the research industry. Our modern phone center’s hi-tech capabilities allow real-time reporting to help keep you up-to date with the progress of your critical research needs . Our continually trained research associates assure interviews with unbiased results. Quality is maintained with our Quality Assurance team that is able to review our research associates work both live and recorded using audio/visual monitoring. We can also do live remote monitoring sessions for our clients

Precision Opinion was established with the expressed purpose of delivering uncompromising data and service to the research industry. To meet that objective, we installed the newest state-of-the-art survey hardware and software using the Voxco platform. The phone room reflects 20 years of experience and vital input from the market research industry – by project managers who require timely project flow information with on-time delivery, and by senior analysts who require uncompromising data and verbatim reporting.

Precision Opinion does not sell “pre-set” data collection packages / facilities. Instead, we develop a customized research services program for every client. Our dedication and experience means that our data is completely trustworthy.

Some of the customized research solutions and technological innovations over the past 20 years have included:

  • VoIP telephone data collection from national and international headquarters across multiple platforms.
  • Multi-Mode methodologies including telephone / internet / cell phones / IVR simultaneously.
  • Telephone data collection using a combination of live interviewer and pre-recorded positioning to assure message is delivered in an unbiased fashion.
  • Internet testing of commercials and movie trailers with real-time positive/negative response tracking.
  • Internet data collection that directly mimics a telephone interview complete with questions being read and shown to the respondent.
  • Device Agnostic online data collection software systems which detect what platform you are taking a survey on automatically, and adjust the layout and visual elements to optimize the survey experience and the accuracy of the data collected.

In each instance, the company built the required technologies and facilities to meet precise requirements and then operated the data collection process.