Phone Facility Features

  • 500+ CATI Stations
  • Internet streaming media client briefings
  • Private client offices
  • Client Identification on facility
  • Monitoring of all CATI Stations
  • Predictive sample dialing
  • 6:1 Supervisor / Research Associate ratio
  • Monitoring combo of audio and computer screen visual
  • Remote client monitoring
  • Redundant core and data networks
  • Redundant long distance system
  • IVR capabilities
  • CATI Station expansion opportunities

Research Associates / Interviewers

At Precision Opinion, continuous training of Research Associates is our top priority. We know that in the hands of a talented interviewer, the survey tool becomes an instrument for clear communication. It is the interviewers’ job to make the respondent feel comfortable with expressing his or her feelings about the topic under investigation. Precision Opinion Research Associates are selected for their skill at this work and are trained to encourage respondents to express their feelings and to avoid biasing respondent’s answers by the imposition of any subtle pressures that might affect responses to survey questions.

At Precision Opinion we train, and then we train again, and keep on training. Turnover happens, however we have found that if a Research Associate feels as if they have a career and a home where they are recognized, then they are more willing to put forth the effort in learning the nuances necessary. It all begins with selection. We interview each applicant to evaluate the following:

  • Ability to read and clearly communicate
  • How they present themselves
  • How they are dressed
  • How they interact with others in the room
  • Their body language while completing the application

All candidates must complete an application. After the candidate turns in the application, it is reviewed for complete information, jobs, education, language skills, and general skills. Candidates must have a HS diploma or a GED to be considered for employment.

Reading Comprehension Test

If the candidate has the basic qualifications, they are asked to take a reading comprehension test that measures basic verbal skills for adults. Basic skills test content and results are directly tied to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network (O*Net) and Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) General Educational Development Scales (GED).

The short form basic skills test measures basic verbal ability:

  • GED level 1
  • GED level 2
  • GED level 3
  • Word Knowledge
  • Sentence Construction
  • Information Retrieval

The highest rating in each category is a 500 with the highest-grade level of a 12.5. Candidates that score between a 10.5 and the 12.5 are invited to interview. Candidates scoring below are informed that the scoring was below the minimum level and are informed that they are welcome to retest in 30 days if they are still interested in Precision Opinion.


Candidates who successfully pass the verbal test are interviewed. Each interview consists of questions and candidates are asked to read a sample survey script. Candidates are screened based on their ability to read clearly, and for their ability to read verbatim.

Candidates who pass the interview are invited to orientation and to be a Research Associate for Precision Opinion.


Orientation is a 4-hour process that includes new hire paperwork, discussion of policy and procedures and two videos, (Sexual Harassment and the Professional Interviewer) and a tour of the facility.

Our goal is to provide our employees with a culture that allows them to grow both in knowledge and responsibility within the company.

Our mission to our Research Associates is to provide on-going training in a positive atmosphere with the ultimate goal of allowing each employee to achieve individual success.

Once Orientation is complete, the new hires are “handed off” to the Precision Opinion division for specific training.


Precision Opinion utilizes the Market Research Association’s (MRA) Interviewer Training program. It contains a mix of video tapes, reading material, and written tests that provide an excellent learning base. The course is 2 days in length. Once a Research Assoicate successfully passes all phases of the MRA course, they then receive on-the-job training including employee shadowing and classroom CATI phone interviewing. In all, a new Research Associate has 4 days of training before they begin actual live interviewing.

Quality Rankings

At Precision Opinion monitoring takes place on a continuous basis. The monitoring is positioned as a key training tool to help the Research Associate succeed. Immediately following a monitoring session, a quality supervisor meets with the Research Associate and reviews the report. It is the quality supervisor’s responsibility to review the report and provide the proper encouragement, recognition and any necessary remedial training. The Research Associate signs the monitoring form and it is placed in their permanent file.