Why does Precision Opinion collect data in Las Vegas? Nevada provides the ideal setting for disaster avoidance as the area is considered a “safe-zone” from natural disasters. Nevada also has a highly sophisticated power grid, is a rapidly growing market and is a gateway for data flow from the west coast to the east coast.

Precision Opinion backs up on data and performs system maintenance on a constant basis. SQL Server data is backed up real-time while most network files can be restored from shadow copies. Backups are run nightly from server disk to network disk, then to tape allowing us to backup large amounts of data in a short window of time. Servers are “snapshot” and imaged while network equipment configs are stored for quick recovery. Utilizing our robotic library, full backups are run on Fridays with differential backups through the following Friday. After backups are generated they are tested and verified for integrity. Precision Opinion also utilizes a retention policy for backups. Copies of monthly, quarterly, and annual backups are made and vaulted offsite.

The Precision Opinion tape backup system is designed for disaster-recovery. In case of a server failure, or an “omygosh” moment (“I can’t believe I deleted the whoooole thing”), files can be restored to where they were just before the disaster. It is not designed to serve as an archive for older and inactive files. Precision Opinion is designated and currently is a hot site back-up facility under a government sub-contract. 100% independently. Routine tests are performed to simulate these events and enforce that Precision Opinion continues to meet and comply with government standards. In addition, Precision Opinion has reciprocal agreements with multiple vendors to provide equipment, services, resources, and workspace in the event of an emergency.