Precision Opinion Analytics takes on the vertical integration of multi-mode data collection to enhance Precision’s full-scale analytical offering, with additional focus on the hospitality industry and community based Quality of Life analysis.

The Analytics Division was expanded into its own Division in January of 2017 in order to combine all of Precision Opinion’s services and package them into an information center that helps you, the client, receive analysis on feedback that reaches deeper than the initially targeted result.

The Division is spearheaded by Dr. Kevin Unter who specializes in quality of life analytics and trend reporting.

The Analytics Division Capabilites (include, but not limited to):

  • Operational assessments of public agencies, business associations, and other performance-oriented organizations.
  • Work synchronously with Focus+ for Qualitative Research.
  • Harmonize with Precision Phone for Quantitative.
  • Organizational assessments to identify both barriers to optimum performance and assets that can be leveraged for operational improvement.
  • Environmental assessments.
    • External – to define the environment in which the agency/association/organization operates.
    • Internal – to uncover employee attitudes towards the employing agency/association/organization and commitment to organizational change.




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